Making a Will is an important part of feeling secure and relaxed about the future. Losing a loved one is clearly very difficult, but having what is, in effect, a message from them to guide you as to how to deal with their affairs makes decision making easier for those you leave behind. This message is the information contained in your Will. If you take a moment to consider what is to be included, then your list will probably revolve around your family, your home, your savings and those people and charities that are special to you. If you own a business then this too will be included. You may also wish to include how you would like your family and friends to say goodbye and the options for this a becoming more varied with alternatives such as woodland memorials.

Once a Will is written for you, you can relax and get on with living. You will be content in the knowledge that your beneficiaries have been taken care of and those people , usually two , which may or may not include your solicitor, have agreed to act as what is known as Executor. These important people will make sure that everything you wished for is carried out, according to the Will that you made.

A Will is about peace of mind, it decides who would look after your children (guardians), your aging relative or pet; those people who are dependent on you at the moment. How your home and money (your estate) will be gifted to those who, or what has, been held dear to you during your lifetime and all this will be included in your will.

Making a will is important, but it doesn’t have to be depressing or worrying, just think of it as a very special wish list and if you wish, take time to discuss it with your family and then we can write it in such a way that it is exactly what you want.

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