Lasting Powers of Attorney

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs); Property and Affairs (Financial) and Personal Welfare.

Our charging structure is clear and fair. If both LPAs are drawn up at the same time, then much of the information needed for the first, will be used for the second. Likewise if both clients are wishing us to prepare LPAs, then both can be seen at the same appointments. In addition, we see our work in the registration of the documents at the Office of the Public Guardian as part of the process and see no need to charge any extra for this. Neither do we charge for keeping the documents once registered in our secure, vaulted storage facility.

Accordingly, our fixed fee structure for the preparation of your Lasting Power(s) of Attorney are as follows:


Single Power of Attorney (one Type) £500 + VAT
Single Powers of Attorney (both types) £750 + VAT
Mirror Lasting Powers of Attorney (one type) £750 + VAT
Mirror Lasting Powers of Attorney (both types) £1,125 + VAT

The Office of the Public Guardian charge a registration fee of £82 (no VAT) for each Power registered, although this fee can be waived or reduced by them in certain financial circumstances.

 You can use the table below to see the total cost that you could expect to incur depending on which LPAs you require. 


Legal fees (Inc VAT)

OPG Registration Fees

Total Cost

Single Power of Attorney (one type)




Single Powers of Attorney (both types)




Mirror Powers of Attorney (one type)




Mirror Powers of Attorney (both types)







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